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100 Words of Inspiration

A submission to Friday Flash Fiction of 100 words a few weeks ago sparked an idea which I've expanded to 250 words, then 500 words and now almost 5000 words. Here's the initial 100 word inspiration.


Hello? Why can’t I move? Is it locked in syndrome? Please don’t take my organs! I’m still alive! Stay calm Judy, focus.’

Images of her children came to mind, running in the sunshine, through the bluebells, their laughter filling the air.

‘Roboton167, run self diagnostic.’ The Scientist looked into the organic, human eyes of the automaton.

‘Problem?’ The Director asked.

‘I think she’s aware.’

‘Impossible! It’s a machine with a human brain interface, the eyes are purely aesthetic.’

As the lines of digital command code overrode the images of Judy’s children a single tear fell onto Roboton167’s synthetic face.

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