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Alternative News!

There's a lot of doom and gloom on the TV and radio. Here's some nonsense for a little levity.

Conspiracy theories are banned from social media,

the only alternative source of information is Wikipedia!

The was once life on Mars, the moon landing was fake,

the Royal Family are reptiles, does that mean the Queen is a snake?

Hitler, Bruce Lee and Elvis all faked their demise,

it was even suggested that Elvis was a spy!

Both Marilyn Monroe and poor JFK

were all bumped off (not so quietly) by the bad CIA.

There’s nothing to see in Area 51,

so why when you visit are you faced with a gun?

Life is the matrix, a hologram, an illusion,

the media spin lies to cause fear and confusion.

But whether the Earth is hollow or flat and sealed with a dome,

I’m happy and safe wearing my tin foil hat in my home.

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