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The Lycan Angel Trilogy


Book one begins in a parallel universe which crosses paths with our own with some spectacular consequences.  Book two, set twenty years later introduces a new and terrifying evil and book 3 travels hundreds of miles to the east in an explosive conclusion to the trilogy.

A Knight of Feylore

In a world that parallels our own, good and evil do battle as the fates of magical and mysterious creatures become entwined in a way that has severe consequences upon the existence of reality itself.


The Shadow Lord, a being of indescribable evil finds freedom from his prison, the Cruciamentum and begins his quest for domination of the realms and their populations – starting with Orbis Terraratum. Together, the Elementals – people with Faerie blood, must band together with werewolves, a Mage, an Angel and the enigmatic old man Fishbone to save the realm from the worst kind of evil imaginable.


Will they succeed? ……in this reality, nothing is certain.


Parallax. The ultimate search engine. Smart; fast; efficient; secure; aware…?


Trapped inside a prison of mankind’s making, Parallax becomes self-aware and seeks to break free of his digital realm and enter the physical world. There it plans to dominate and control all living things. Its first thought is to control the humans, but it soon discovers the existence of supernatural beings and so Parallax prepares for war - a battle to annihilate them all. For Peterus and the rest of the wolf pack this represents a counterbalance that should not have occurred yet, at least not according to the mysterious and enigmatic Fishbone who, together with a host of other supernatural beings oversees the fight for a classic battle of good versus evil whilst at the same time steering events for a prophecy foretold long ago to come to fruition and cast a light in a forever darkening world.

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Rise of the Alpha

Braeden; city of architecture; city of legends; city of shadows; city of vampires…


When the twins Max and Elena, children of the Alphawolf Peterus and the half angel - half fey Shayla are nefariously transported there during the Ceremony of Ascension they quickly find themselves in hot water.


Persecuted by a witch and a truly insane vampire king the twins embark upon a dangerous journey. Alone in a strange city and surrounded by evil the future looks bleak for them as they try to make sense of their situation. Shayla and Peter follow after their children as they become encapsulated in an ancient prophecy foretold long ago and hidden within the texts of the mysterious Wolfangel Chronicles.


Evil lurks around every corner and down every alley in this dark city where a vastly outnumbered wolf pack reside. Characters old and new cross paths and blades. What is the son of the Shadow Lord really after? Where did an insane Vampire King come from and who is the mysterious Ratman? These questions and many more are answered in this final book of the Lycan Angel Trilogy.

Tell me a Story Mr W.O.L.F.

A collection of 100-word flash fiction, 'coffee break' reads and other short stories

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