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Let's Rock - Top Gunners!

I've been remiss with my blog posts, but wanted to share the amazing day I had with my two BF's at Let's Rock Exeter. Great line up, Level 42 headlining and as brilliant as ever, Tony Hadley (swoon) who seems to have gotten better with age, was fabulous.

We had a great time, laughing, dancing, drinking from plastic festival glasses and eating BBQ sausages, whilst dressed as Top Gunners, keeping with the 80's theme. The military style hats were a God send as surprisingly, we had wall to wall sunshine and would have ended up with sunstroke without them. Although poor Coopsy caught the sun and spent the next week getting over it.

I'll blog more regularly from now on, especially as we're planning a promotional day out. Just another excuse to dress up and go out to play.

L-R - Iceman, Maverick and Goose :)

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