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Hot tub - no space

I have been wanting a hot tub for a few years. What better way to unwind after a hard day's work, or a full day of writing, than in hot water with massaging bubbles and maybe a glass of Prosecco in hand. Anyway, the downside is that I can't afford one....yet. Imagine my excitement when I found the Lazy-Spa portable Hot Tub. Within a reasonable budget, durable fabric, does everything that a £10K hot tub can do (almost) but only 1/20th of the price. Safe to say, both myself and my daughter were getting very excited about the propsect of the Lazy-Spa. We were there, swimmers on, relaxing in the evening sunshine, you get the picture. Finally, had a practical thought, measure the patio area. Of course it's going to fit (I tried hard to convince myself) it's only 77 inches in diameter. How wide is the patio? 71 inches..NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Back to square one, but wait....I have discovered the whirlpool bath. Hmmm.......

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