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45 words - but it's a start!

I've had a lot more time than usual and therefore no excuse not to write, but will the words flow? No.

Could it be that the normal time constraints focus my attention and funnel my creativity? Possibly.

All I know is that 45 words is a start and as someone said (and I must try and remember who it was), you can't edit a blank page.

I wouldn't say I have writers block as I have notes and ideas whirling around my head and I know where the story needs to go. I think it's more a lack of discipline. It's Easter Sunday and I'm thinking of chocolate eggs!

My character has fallen into a river and as much as he's capable of holding his breath for a while, if I leave him too long it's be a catastrophe and he deserves better, and the water is cold. So enough with the procrastination! Let the man swim to the surface at least! Or betters still, get out of the river and kick some ass!

Perhaps I'll write the battle scene and then back track and fill in the build up later, or perhaps I'll kill a character, that's worked before. Whatever I decide I have a self-imposed deadline to meet and I'm going to finish the first draft of book 3 in time.

Happy Easter, enjoy the sunshine and don't eat too many chocolate eggs (that last part was for me!)

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