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Lovely Lavender

Just wanted to share a little bit of wonder I experienced whilst gardening on Monday.

Let's be clear, I'm no gardener! I can cut back brambles and rake up grass cuttings but anything else I have no luck (I can even kill a cactus!)

Last year we bought a lavender plant/bush for the garden. I wanted to encourage bees, which it did. I loved it, the fragrance was gorgeous. Sadly it was becoming choked up with straw-like grass and looked liked a bunch of twigs. So, feeling a bit guilty at having neglected it a bit, I cleared the dead grass freeing up the little branches. Secretly I hoped I hadn't killed another plant!.

A few hours later I looked out of the window to see LOADS of new green shoots, all reaching for the sun. Nature is awesome and I'm delighted to see my little lavender bush bursting into life again.

It's the simple things.

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