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At Home

It's been quite a while since I've written a blog post, but now that I'm at home for a while, I've got no excuse! Quite a lot has happened to my family and I since my birthday, I've just been more than a bit slack when it comes to updating the blog.

Lots of changes in Britain have completely overshadowed anything I've been doing, but I am making progress with the book and will have it finished this year. Whether that's only the first draft or the finished manuscript it's too early to say.

As of next Monday I'll be working from home. The company I work for has enabled staff to work remotely which is amazing. I'll be able to sit in the office at home in my PJ's with messy hair and no makeup, what a result :).

The fact the Directors have made this possible says a lot about the calibre of people they are and when things are back to normal, companies who have looked after their staff should be applauded.

I've added a flower to this post to bring some bright, springtime cheer to your day.

Stay safe, be well, be kind.

Flowers for Mother's Day

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