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Apple and make that three

On Saturday my two best friend and I went on a shopping trip to Exeter (that makes 3, rather than a pair). One of us was on the hunt for new shoes for a family wedding on the 20th May. Having been totally flabergasted by the price tag of £295 for a pair of sandals with less material than a Brazillian bikini, we had to partake in several cocktails after which the shoes seemed less important that the fruit content of the beverage and we even managed to turn an Agua de Valenzia and a long island tea into three of our recommended five a day. After much fun and frolics, trying on fascinators (or pacifier's as one of our ladies called it) lasting approximately 8 hours we took the train home (1st class, I might add) and slept in. Where does the apple fit in, I hear you ask? Well I upgraded my mobile and now have an iPhone, which I am still trying to work out. Great day out, with great friends, nothing better than good company and lots of laughter.

And no, we didn't get thrown out of the department store for playing with the hats like a group of 12 year olds :)

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